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About Advertising With Ride Drive
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The Ride Drive group of websites currently enjoy around 7,000 unique visitors per week and returns consistently high positions within Google and other search engines for its genre. Some of the pages have a strong Google PR score too, all of which makes this a good environment within which to advertise your business.

Rules on Advertising with Ride Drive

Ride Drive continually works hard to maintain a professional image and has a responsible attitude towards advertising. The company will therefore only entertain professional enquiries made by those who are of genuine origin before considering entering into any Link Exchangeagreement or other arrangement concerning the advertising of products and services offered by third–party concerns.

Reciprocal Link Exchanges

If you are considering making an approach to us with a view to entering into a reciprocal link exchange, or three–way linking partnership, please note you will be ignored if the website page upon which you intend to display the return link to Ride Dive,

  • is not indexed by Google
  • contains material considered inappropriate
  • is a spam site or page
  • is over populated by links
  • is not of a comparable genre

Reciprocal linking to websites belonging to overseas organisations are usually undesirable.

Ride Drive will not allow third–party links to be placed upon the home page of any of its websites.

Article Submission

Ride Drive is in favour of allowing third parties to submit written articles with unique content for publication on any of the Ride Drive websites. This will be accepted providing the content is well written using good SEO protocols and the subject matter harmonises well with the demographic of the site upon which it is to be hosted.

Unique Content pages will be linked from the home page of the host site.


Free Reciprocal Linking

Ride Drive will link with any legitimate website carrying details of a trade or business with motoring related content by use of our web links pages

Please email details of a short title, description and URL. Three way linking preferred, although not essential.


One–Way Linking

Submit a text link consisting of a title, url and description of no more than 35 non–linked characters and we will host it for you on a relevant links page

From £10.00 per month + VAT


Submit an Article

Write a web page with Unique Content that harmonises with the genre of the Ride Drive websites to promote your business.

From Just £15.00 per month + VAT

Search engine optimised pages written and prepared for you – £250.00


Julian Smith is the managing director of Ride Drive and the author of this article.
First Published September 2010


You Are Here » Home » Advertising on This Website

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Sunday, 13-Mar-2011

About Advertising With Ride Drive

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