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Full–Day Advanced Driver Training
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8–Hour Performance Car Driving Experience
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Allocated Time: 8–Hours 1:1
Content: On–Road Performance Car Driver Training
Options: Driver Risk Assessment For Discount Car Insurance


Available throughout the mainland UK, the Full–Day Performance Car Advanced Driving Experience is an 8–Hour one–to–one programme that provides the opportunity to develop a more harmonious relationship between driver and performance car on the public road.

Completed with the atmosphere of a recreational event, it one to one driving experience for you to share with your car and will give you a range of superbly effective public road advanced driving strategies. All subject matter covered will be specifically tuned so as to apply to driving your performance car where you drive it the most.


Format of the Course

Your programme begins with meeting your Ride Drive advanced driving specialist at the agreed location where a brief discussion will take place to confirm the aims and objectives of the day. Once on the road you will develop your application of an advanced system of car control that will form the foundation of your new driving style.

Throughout the day you will be guided over a route on public roads that will have been specially chosen to provide you with the best development opportunities. We tend to stay away from major trunk roads and motorways, unless otherwise requested, using the B–roads and back lanes instead.

There will be refreshment breaks, and a stop for a light lunch, when the progress of your development can be discussed away from the car environment. Whilst there are certain elements that always need to be included within the content of the day, we make every effort to build in whatever aspects of driving you wish to be covered.

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The Full–Day Performance Car Driving Experience is available in most regions of the UK, including Plymouth, Andover, Salisbury, Southampton, Telford, Taunton and Newcastle. Click on the map above for full list of available start points.

Do not be concerned you may feel embarrassed, as there is nothing to prove here. We recognise that not everyone’s needs are the same and everyone will be starting out from a different base level. The format of the day is always based upon consideration for the type of car you drive and the use you are to put it to.

By giving yourself the opportunity of incorporating an overall higher level driving strategy more effective progress can be made on the road, but with the highest level of safety.

Who Should Complete This Course

The Full–Day Advanced Driving Experience is best suited to the performance car driver, or sports car driver, who is looking to invest in their enthusiasm for driving a powerful car. It is for those who are committed to building upon their level of existing ability and to developing their personal performance to a level that is closer to that that of their car.

Whilst it may not be possible to cover everything in just one day, the allocated time does allow for the application of many on–road advanced driving strategies and to achieve a much higher level of competency. Certainly, we do pack a lot into a day.

Full–Day or Half–Day?

If you are harbouring any doubts as to whether you can justify the additional expense of completing the full day on–road advanced driving experience, we have a suggestion.

Why not book yourself in for a Half–Day Advanced Driving Experience, but reserve the option to double that up to the full day option if you change your mind part–way through? You can either extend the half–day you are completing to a full–day or come back on another date and complete the second half after you’ve had time to practice.

Whichever Ride Drive advanced driving experience you choose, we provide you with the driving techniques that will help you to get to know your car so much better and get more enjoyment from your whole performance car ownership experience.

Discount Car Insurance Scheme
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Full–Day Advanced Driving Experience is an option that is recognised for the purpose of completing a driver risk assessment for the Ride Drive⁄Adrian Flux special discount car insurance scheme.

As a consequence of the special relationship established between Ride Drive and Adrian Flux Insurance Services, Ride Drive customers can use their newly acquired skills to secure discount car insurance by as much as 20%, (excluding Insurance Premium Tax).

Suggested Follow–On Courses
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Advanced Driving and Car Control Experience (Product Code S03PM–HP)

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Full–Day Performance Car Driver Training (S02PM)

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Monday, 25-Jan-2016

Available throughout the UK, including
Plymouth, Andover, Salisbury, Southampton, Telford, Taunton and Newcastle.

8–Hour Performance Car Driving Experience


Advertising that Adrian Flux Insurance endorse the Ride Drive advanced driver training courses and will award low risk Ride Drive customer discount car insurance

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