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Save Money With Economy Driving Techniques
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The cost of motoring is a significant part of any family’s weekly budget. Whether it is daily running cost like petrol and oil, or whether it is insurance cost, or car finance payments, they can all have significant impacts on our weekly disposable income.

There are simple measures that can be taken to ensure that your car is working efficiently as possible, and there are also steps which can be taken to ensure that the way we drive is as efficient as possible, which in turn will lead to savings in the long run.

Correct Tyre Pressures for Your Car Will Save Fuel

Simple things like making sure your tyre pressures are correct for your vehicle, and the type of journey you are making can save money. Tyre pressure may need to be different from normal if you are making a long distance journey; and may have to be significantly higher if the car is fully loaded.

Having the incorrect tyre pressures is inefficient. It can lead to you having to work harder to steer the car, making turning corners more difficult, and can also put more wear and tear on the tyres, meaning that you may have to replace them sooner.

In addition, having incorrect pressures may cost you money in fines, as there is a legal requirement to have the correct tyre pressures. Make sure that your car is topped up with oil and water. This ensures the smoother running of the engine and maintains the correct temperature for the car to run efficiently.

If possible, have your car regularly serviced. Although this is an additional cost, it will extend the life of your vehicle, and if properly tuned, the car will be more fuel efficient.

Efficient Driving Will Save You Money

Driving efficiently can also save you money in the long term. The principle is to make sure that you are aware of any potential problems, and to take the steps to avoid, for instance, unnecessary breaking. Looking ahead and using your gears to slow the car, reduces wear and tear on the brakes.

Another way of reducing fuel cost is to drive slower. Driving at, or below the speed limit will help to conserve fuel and some people can save up to thirty per cent in fuel consumption by reducing speed. By looking ahead and driving using the correct gear, this will make the most efficient use of your vehicle.

Gentle Acceleration Saves Fuel and Cuts Emissions

Much of the fuel we use is used in accelerating, so the trick is to accelerate smoothly. Accelerating quickly will increase fuel consumption. Getting stuck in traffic is also a waste of time and fuel; so if possible, plan your journey to make as sure as you can that the traffic will be as free flowing as possible.

Try not to carry excess weight in the car. Again, this will add to your consumption. Where possible; drive with the windows closed. This will reduce the drag on the car. Alternatively; using the air conditioning increases fuel consumption.

The RAC recommends opening a window below forty miles per hour and then using air conditioning over forty miles an hour for the most efficient use.

Revving an Engine to High Speed Wastes Petrol

All of these ideas, may seem insignificant, but they make a difference overall. There are others, like not driving in the rain, using cruise control to keep speed constant, and satellite navigation to find the most efficient routes can all have a bearing on the fuel that you use.

Listen to your car engine to tell if you are driving the rev counter too high. Less noise means a more efficient engine. For the latest car information go to cars for sale by owner.

You Are Here » Home » Economy Driving Techniques

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Save Money With Economy Driving Techniques

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